Madison Lee Memorial Park – Overview

Madison Lee Memorial Park – Overview


Where it all began

It all started when Walterscheid Trucking and Farms wanted to subdivide and create Oasis subdivision. One of the many requirements for the subdivision was drainage land to catch all the rainwater that flows from the houses. This land generally, would sit empty. However, Dave Church, the engineer for the subdivision suggested that Sheila try to turn it into a park. Sheila, Madison’s nana, saw a vision.; a park for the entire family: Madison’s Memorial Park. A vision to create a place where children could chase the butterflies, and families could come together and make lasting memories. You realize as time passes, the thing that matters most are those memories you made together. And this park will help families create those memories and honor Madison’s memory. It is our hope you laugh, play, run, giggle, and grow up in this park. That one day you look back and some of your fondest memories are playing in the butterfly trial or a bar-b-que you had at the pavilion. Madison Lee Memorial Fund is currently fundraising to build Madison Lee Memorial Park!  The park will be built in 3 Phases.  Each phase will be its own little mini-park with walking trails connecting them together.

  • Phase 1 is the largest and will include walking trails, hills, trees, benches, a large grass field, playground equipment, and fully equipped bathrooms.
  • Phase 2 will include a splash pad.
  • Phase 3 will include a basketball court, pickleball courts, benches, and adult workout equipment.

Here is an areal view of the Phases and the walking trails.

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